Why is Your Life Story the
Greatest Legacy of All?

Just imagine this…
The year is 2033. It’s evening. A curious, ten-year-old girl plays in her living room. She loves to read, especially those “old” Harry Potter books… But now she notices a different book – a leather-bound book.

Life Story BookThe girl opens it. The first thing she sees is a faded picture of a man and a woman on a beach. She thinks, “Who are these people?”

The girl turns the page and starts reading. She notices that these people have her own last name. Her interest piques.

It’s bedtime. The girl takes the book up to her room. But instead of going to sleep, she reads the entire book cover to cover.

Who is this little girl? She’s your great, great granddaughter. And she’s just read Your Life Story. Thanks to you… her life has changed forever.

Your Life Story Endures For All Time

Your personal memoirs are of enormous value. Not just to you, your children and your grandchildren. But to your future descendants, as well. Think of your life story as the mortar that connects the “bricks” of future generations.

Everyone has compelling life stories to share. Stories of joy and sorrow. Hopes and dreams. Challenges and triumphs. Tears and laughter. Regrets and fulfillment.

And ultimately? Wisdom and understanding. Wisdom that can – and should – be passed along to future generations.

Recording your personal history in a series of taped interviews is one of the most joyful pastimes you’ll ever experience. These priceless recordings can either be…

  • Transferred to compact discs
  • Lightly edited for a transcribed document
  • More thoroughly edited into an organized, flowing manuscript
  • Or turned into a handsome book, complete with pictures and captions

Finding the Right Personal Historian

Whichever format you choose, it’s essential to find the right individual to help you tell the stories of your life. My life story.

As a screenwriter, playwright, business consultant, copywriter and “AP Award Winning Journalist” for over 14 years, I’ve carefully honed my interview and storytelling skills.

But expertise isn’t enough.

You need to feel a sense of comfort and peace of mind as you share your personal life stories with someone you can trust… someone who “gets” who you are, and can help you express the treasured memories of your life.

These precious gems must be handled with respect, care, and most of all – discretion.

Tell Your Life Story Now… Before the Details Slip Away

As you age, the little details of your life begin to fade away. Gone forever.

Why would you put it off any longer? Remember that ten-year-old girl? She’s waiting… Give her your greatest legacy of all. Give her your life story.

Begin the adventure now.

You can contact me at…

(207) 338-1122